Project - Taipei's Day & Night

I would like to hold a project called "Taipei's Day & Night", showing panoramic sights in Taipei, Taiwan with a shifting view.

Of course this will ba a tough work. Especially I get a doggy mate in my home about two weeks ago. This project will be expressed in English, because I want people who are interested in travelling in Taiwan can find this information.

In practice, it seems impossible to shoot the day image and wait there for 10 hours and take the night one. So I might have to take a series of day photos, go home and take a break, then take the night series in another go. Probably a nother day. Therefore, to remember where exactly the day photo was shot will be curcial. The only solution comes to my mind is chalk, although many deadly shortcomings show up immediately. Firsy, I will definately miss the marker after a couple of days later. There are too many factorys can erase the marker. Second, I can't record the height of picture. This can make serious error when showing the picture, as you can see in my last work.

Anyway, have a long way to go!